Vanguardian Basenjis    

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The dam to our D-litter is the black/white queen Suttu that moves like a dream. Dad Tedi is a handsome gentleman with proud posture and big movement.

The puppies were born Nov 30, 2021. There are 2 b/w dogs and 2 b/w bitches in the litter.

Puppies 3 weeks

Boys at the top row, girls below

The pedigree of the litter

  • Nature's Masterpiece Happy Go Monkey
  • Born: 22.12.2015 (6 years)
  • Fanconi clear by parentage
  • PRA clear by parentage
  • Eyes Clear (5/2021)
  • Thyroid normal (9/2020)
  • Read more about Tedi here.
  • C.I.B. NORD & FI & SE & NO CH
  • Born: 19.10.2015 (6 years)
  • Fanconi clear
  • PRA clear
  • Eyes PPM (8/2021)
  • Thyroid normal (8/2021)
  • Dam to Vanguardian B-puppies
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