Vanguardian Basenjis    

anni.toikka (a)



Perfect camouflage!

Date of birth:

Dec 2, 2019


3 b/w males, 2 b/w females and 1 r/w female


1 black/white boy, possibly on breeding terms to an active home in the Helsinki capital region.

Inquiries welcome!

The stunning sire of our B-litter is "Bentley", currently residing in Portugal. He has not been showed much but he is Finnish & Norwegian champion and has all the CACIBs already for his international champion title. He is the dad of our A-litter and the puppies are looking gorgeous!

The dam of the litter will be "Suttu", who has done super well in the shows with limited showing. She was TOP-3 bitch in Finland in 2018. Suttu has a very interesting pedigree, but the best part of her is her exceptional movement!

  • C.I.B* FI & NO CH
    Vanguardian Urban Sherpa
  • Currently living in Portugal
  • Born: 17.12.2014 (4,5 years)
  • Fanconi clear by parentage
  • Eyes PPM
  • Thyroid normal (07/2017)
  • 8 x BOB, 4 x CACIB
  • C.I.B NORD & FI & NO & SE MVA
  • Born: 19.10.2015 (3,5 years)
  • Fanconi clear
  • PRA clear
  • Eyes PPM, distichiasis (extra eye lash)
  • Thyroid normal (3/2019)
  • Link to B-litter's pedigree
  • The litter is recommended by Finnish Basenji Club's Breeding committee.
  • The inbreeding coefficient is 0,0 %.
  • If you're interested in getting a Vanguardian puppy some day and/or would like to hear more about the breed, feel free to contact me! 

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