Vanguardian Basenjis    

anni.toikka (a)



Date of birth:

Dec 4, 2019


2 tri males, 1 r/w male, 1 tri girl and 1 r/w girl


1 tri boy & 1 red/white girl

Inquiries welcome!

The dad of C-litter is my homeboy "Rolex", who finished his international champion title easily and after that retired from the shows and concentrates now keeping the home servants busy. Due to his energetic nature he is also the official playtime coach of all the Vanguardian litters.

The dam of the litter is "Dina", who was originally born in Novosibirsk, Russia. She is a big mover with a calm temperament.

  • C.I.B NORD & FI & SE & NO MVA
  • Born: 19.10.2015 (3,5 years)
  • Eyes clear
  • Thyroid normal (07/2019)
  • FI MVA
    Viola Dea Callista
  • Russian import
  • Born: 6.12.2015 (3,5 years)
  • Fanconi clear
  • PRA clear
  • Eyes PPM (minor)
  • Thyroid normal (3/2018)
  • Link to C-litter pedigree
  • The litter is recommended by Finnish Basenji Club's Breeding committee.
  • The inbreeding coefficient is 0,39 %.
  • Inquiries welcome! We are looking for active homes - especially from the Helsinki capital region.

    If you're interested in getting a Vanguardian puppy some day and/or would like to hear more about the breed, feel free to contact me! 

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